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What's this?

This is a demonstration of the new 'field-list-table' directive for Docutils


You can find all files described in this README.html at[field-list-table]-directive/: Pay attentions to the explanation given below the file listing. You find this README.html there as well.

1-demo.rst.html: Positive examples showing correct usage

2-demo-errorhandling.rst.html: Negative examples showing syntax errors you can make how they are being handled.

fieldlisttable_py: The code of the directive.

make-1-demo.rst.html_py: A "quick 'n dirty" little stub for the web interface to generate "1-demo.rst.html".

make-2-demo-errorhandling.rst.html_py: A "quick 'n dirty" little stub for the web interface to generate "2-demo-errorhandling.rst.html"

rst2html_typo3_py: This is an extended version of '' that uses includes the directive.

Martin Bless, 2011-10-06.