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Notes about TYPO3 CMS Extensions

Updated on Feb 22, 2016

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Extensions from Git Repositories

cd typo3conf/ext
git clone git@github.com:FluidTYPO3/uncache.git uncache
git clone git@github.com:kaystrobach/TYPO3.developer.git developer
git clone git@github.com:mneuhaus/TYPO3-Kickstarter.git kickstarter
git clone git@github.com:TYPO3-extensions/extension_builder.git extension_builder




2014-08-31 The former TER:extensionlist has now gone into this :extter:`backendtools, see :extdoc:`backendtools. ‘extensionlist’ lets you list in the backend which extensions are used on which pages.


2014-11-30 The famous DOC:blog_example extension made up to learn Extbase and Fluid. It is used in Patrick Lobacher’s OpenSourcePress extbase book.


2015-04-04 TER:cdsrc_baseurl TYPO3 (4.5.0 - 7.1.99) Automatic base url: Add automaticly base url based on current domain | Matthias Toscanelli <m.toscanelli@code-source.ch> | GeneralUtility::compat_version() | GeneralUtility::getIndpEnv() | BackendUtility::getDomainStartPage() | $tsfe->cacheContentFlag, $tsfe->getFromCache(), $tsfe->getConfigArray() |

Has code to decide about 6.2 compatibility.


2014-12-08 New: DOC:developer. Maybe use REPO:developer instead of DOC:extdeveval.


2014-11-30 DOC:efempty is an empty container to play with Extbase and Fluid.


2015-02-06 REPO:events2, by jweiland Stefan Frömken


2014-11-30 Install this DOC:example extension and take it as an example when you study the TCA reference.


2015-02-09 REPO:formhandler This version has namespaces and should run with TYPO3 v7.


2014-11-30 The “old” DOC:kickstarter extension. Here is a version that should run with TYPO3 CMS 6.2: REPO:kickstarter.


2015-02-06 Google Maps, Ajax, REPO:maps2, by jweiland Stefan Frömken


2015-02-06 This DOC:nn_address TER:nn_address extension looks like a very nice Extbase and Fluid extension to use and to learn from.



2015-02-09, TYPO3-ug-ms, FW uses it and is very happy with it: DOC:sav_library_kickstarter, TER:sav_library_kickstarter


2015-02-09, TYPO3-ug-ms, FW uses it and is very happy with it: DOC:sav_library_plus, TER:sav_library_plus


2015-01-21 v1.2.3 Store data in session via TypoScript. Coded in extbase style!


2015-01-23 DOC:sf_yubikey Adds Yubikey OTP (one time passwords) to TYPO3 authentication. Uses https://upgrade.yubico.com/getapikey/ and the Yubico cloud service. It does not use Fido U2F.


2015-06-02 DOC:t3s_headerslider, TER:t3s_headerslider, DOC-external, uses FAL, has image relation in its own flexform field tx_t3sheaderslider


2015-01-15 DOC:tika for v6.2: REPO:tika

tika.apache.org: Apache Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries.


2015-02-23 DOC:uncache, TER:uncache: A cache preventer.


2015-03-04 DOC:vhs, TER:vhs: Very cool: Many great viewhelpers! See the VHS ViewHelper reference.

Collection of general purpose ViewHelpers usable in the Fluid templating engine that’s bundled with the TYPO3 CMS.

The namespace is {namespace v=FluidTYPO3\Vhs\ViewHelpers}

TER - TYPO3 Extension Repository

Xavier’s Info Tool

var dummy = {
   "GETparameter" : {
      "route" : "keyword with optional \"subroute\": route\/subroute"
   "available routes" : {
      "v1":"Same info as http:\/\/get.typo3.org\/json",
      "v2" : "Signed array of TYPO3 releases",
      "packages" : "composer-like list of extensions (packages)",
      "typo3" : "Extensions compatible with TYPO3 version <subroute>",
      "lts" : "Extensions compatible with TYPO3 LTS (4.5, 6.2)",
      "by" : "Extensions from owner <subroute> (try \"abandoned_extensions\")",
      "<extkey>" : "Detail of a given extension"

What about these

TER:aba_bruteforceblocker, DOC:aba_bruteforceblocker, TER:additional_reports, DOC:additional_reports, TER:belayout_tsprovider, DOC:belayout_tsprovider, TER:bwexternaloffers, DOC:bwexternaloffers, TER:bwoffers, DOC:bwoffers, TER:chgallery, DOC:chgallery, TER:context_hints, DOC:context_hints, TER:datamap, DOC:datamap, TER:dce, DOC:dce, TER:extension_builder, DOC:extension_builder, TER:flexslider, DOC:flexslider, TER:fl_seo_sitemap, DOC:fl_seo_sitemap, TER:formhandler, DOC:formhandler, TER:gridelements, DOC:gridelements, TER:imagecycle, DOC:imagecycle, TER:jftcaforms, DOC:jftcaforms, TER:jh_simple_youtube, DOC:jh_simple_youtube, TER:ke_search, DOC:ke_search, TER:ke_search_hooks, DOC:ke_search_hooks, TER:kmcs_fileedit, DOC:kmcs_fileedit, TER:min_fotoexif, DOC:min_fotoexif, TER:min_foundation5, DOC:min_foundation5, TER:ml_links, DOC:ml_links, TER:news, DOC:news, TER:newscalendar, DOC:newscalendar, TER:newsemo, DOC:newsemo, TER:phpmyadmin, DOC:phpmyadmin, TER:pit_googlemaps, DOC:pit_googlemaps, TER:pmkshadowbox, DOC:pmkshadowbox, TER:powermail, DOC:powermail, TER:pt_extbase, DOC:pt_extbase, TER:pt_extlist, DOC:pt_extlist, TER:realurl, DOC:realurl, TER:rtelightbox, DOC:rtelightbox, TER:static_info_tables, DOC:static_info_tables, TER:t3jquery, DOC:t3jquery, TER:teaserbox, DOC:teaserbox, TER:tgm_socialshareprivacy, DOC:tgm_socialshareprivacy, TER:tq_seo, DOC:tq_seo, TER:tt_news, DOC:tt_news, TER:typoscript2ce, DOC:typoscript2ce, TER:xajax, DOC:xajax, TER:yag, DOC:yag, TER:yag_theme_magnificpopup, DOC:yag_theme_magnificpopup, TER:yag_themepack_jquery, DOC:yag_themepack_jquery,


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