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Looking for wisdom about Ubuntu

Ongoing attempt to collect clever stuff about Ubuntu. Will be updated as needed.

Updated on Oct 15, 2018


Bionic Beaver 18.04

What to do


  • Read (de): https://dr-luthardt.de/linux.htm?tip=anacron

  • Add to /etc/anacrontab:

    # added by marble
    @daily  0  create-etc-list-of-installed-packages  dpkg -l | grep ^ii | awk '{print $2;}' >/etc/list-of-installed-packages.anacron.txt


sudo apt install etckeeper git joe ncdu qrencode (for .password-store, pass) silversearcher-ag zsh

Install - What packages do I have installed?


See what you can get: https://flathub.org/home

Fedora flatpak support:

sudo apt install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexlarsson/flatpak
sudo apt update
sudo apt install flatpak

Use flatpak:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo
flatpak install flathub cc.arduino.arduinoide


  • Use the softwarecenter
  • or: sudo apt-get install vim-gtk3

shutter as screenshot tool

  • Install shutter
  • The standard functionality for the ‘print’ key can’t be disabled. So change the key combintation to ‘super+print’.
  • Add own key combination ‘print’ for command shutter -s -c -e


snap list
snap df
snap search arduino
snap install arduino-mhall119
snap refresh

Use sshfs to mount files of previous machine

# Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sshfs
sudo /mnt/t203
# mount
sudo sshfs -o allow_other,IdentityFile=/home/marble/.ssh/id_rsa marble@ /mnt/t203
# unmount
sudo umount /mnt/t203


  1. Install zsh: sudo apt install zsh

  2. Read: https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh

  3. Run non-sudo:

    sh -c "$(wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh -O -)"

Common tasks


Remove identity from key keeper

ssh-add -D   # Delete all identities (from key keeper)
ssh-add -D   # Delete identity       (from key keeper)
ssh-add -l   # List fingerprints of all identities
ssh-add --help
ssh-add -t 3600  # set lifetime for already stored keys to 1 hour


Keyboard entry

Keywords: unicode, kbd, keyboard, compose, composekey

Look at the complete table:

  • see user table: less ~/XCompose
  • see system table (scroll down!): less /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose

About keys and keyboard layouts:

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